yes, the English teaching in China doesn't fully take advantages


送交者: xj 于 2005-5-05, 17:59:52:

回答: Again, the grammatical deficiency points to 由 老中一号 于 2005-5-05, 17:46:34:

of semantic capabilities in adults.

Because the great complexity of English grammar, one needs to form these links in brain as soon as possible, given that it is relatively easy to know the general meanings of any words.

I believe most Chinese students expand their English vocabulary all by themselves, either by stuffing or dissecting. The most important thing is that it can happen within months. Think about we waste almost six years for less than two thousands words in middle school. It is so unfortunate.

I think the right approach to teach English as a second language is to expand vocabulary significantly at the very early stage, say within a year or two, one needs to know 10,000 words. Then most efforts should be spent in forming the semantic connections and fine tune word meanings. This is practiced unintentionally by most Chinese oversea students, and in schools such as New oriental school.



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