it's time for 0 tolerance on war and violence


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key is categorially rejecting them in any form, there's no good war, no good violence .

if one denounces russia, they must do the same on america, no more air raids, this basically 0 own casualty (surely america would ask allies to foot the bill) war of course got little objection from American public.

it's sad almost exactly 100 yrs ago, after the huge calamity of ww1, influential voices already staged a powerful campaign for no more war movement.

and 100 yrs later, what 1 sees? all dominant voices are saying peace time is gone, future is for war and violence. this is totally unacceptable!

go back to your point:

ron paul (rand's father) said well:

if i were president, ben laden would still be alive, but so would the 3k plus lives on day 9/11.

anyhow 9/11 did happen, what would haven been the best way to revenge and serve justice:

announce a most wanted list starting with laden name; make concessions to arabs, get their support to capture those wanted, and put pressure on israel.

of course, all those are "naive" non starters, as senator sanders self admitted, when congress voted for war on taliban , only b lee voted no.

again my point is:

if we still justify so called good war, good violence, then war and violence would never end.



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