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i think you idea is kind of asking chinese americans to be like them. which is more or like we doing right now, stay kind of low profile, hardworking, not into politics too much, minding own business...

but the key difference is old motherland.

after 1990 clash, japan is basically totally submissive to american dominance, like a pet showing belly to master, its politics, economics, hi tech all closely infiltrated and influenced by big brother.

china under ccp is totally different, if current situation escalates, which is no longer small chance anymore, no matter how hard we chinese americans try to gain trust from white big bro, it's no use, as i said, there are no more loyal chinese amricans than gordon chang and miles yu, however politicians might accept them, but how about their neighbors, how about children?

go back to japanese, even as i said they did so much to gain trust, recently when japanes steel company bought an ameircan one , i believe it's nytimes again wrote about old momeries of 1980s anti japan voices heard again....



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