you are not giving me any incentive for doing the homework.


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回答: the economic analysis of moon cake market in the US 由 xj 于 2005-9-08, 22:22:17:

But on top of my head I can give you a short answer: the price is mainly determined by cost not s-d.

I say there are two predominant cost drivers: distribution and inventory. I imagine that the production of cakes should be quite scalable so fixed cost is low. And I don't think retailers are making a lot of profit selling these things.

Because this product is extremely seasonal, it requires distrubtors to deliver the cakes in a very timely manner hence the transportation cost is higher than dealing with less seasonal food products. Also, because the volume in each order from retailer should be fairly small relative to regular groceries, there lacks teh economies of scale, which drives up distribution cost even further.

Moon cake is perishable products, or at least semi-perishable. That means it costs distributors a lot of money to store/move them in warehouses/trucks that have temperature control. They likely have to write off a significant portion of out-of-date inventory in order to comply with government regulations. So do retailers. Retailers have another problem: if they can't sell these things within a couple weeks, they have to take a loss by liquidating their inventory at deep discount. To reduce such loss, they have no choice but to price them higher during the season.

So the economy of moon cake is not in the production but in distribution and retail.

That's it. I will be happy if you can give me a C+.



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