what's wrong with his opinion on GNU/Linux is that


送交者: vegieTiger 于 2005-2-22, 20:23:48:

回答: What's wrong with his opinion on GNU/Linux? 由 1998bw 于 2005-2-22, 19:58:24:

1. He doesn't know GNU/Linux.
2. Windows maybe suck, but (at very least), you need to be a windows user to tell that. He clains he's not, so his saying of "Windows suck" is baseless.
3. I am a big fan of GNU/Linux too and i used to be a RMS admirer. But i am not a hacker and i am a computer user. Fafus wants GNU/Linux to go back to the stone-age, while he claims that doing so will benefit grassroot computer users. Explain what pppd is to grassroot computer users, what about a little demo on IP forwarding, maybe they would like to see a DNS running on their box? Ah, almost forget, you need to use :q! in COMMAND mode to exit this text editor without saving the document. what about this ... "writing Love letters using Latex"?

and to you:
"GNU/Linux will be the best OS ever in the new future!" ... show me why!



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