Urology chairman called the results at Beaumont "mixed"


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1. 对脊椎损伤(Spinal Cord Injury)病人该手术到目前为止“无效”;
2. 对成年病人也没见到效果;
3. 主要的手术并发症是foot weakness. 有小孩因此产生了“垂足(foot drop)”
4. 在手术达到类似“肖医生所声称的成功率”之前,强调对该手术要谨慎(emphasize caution)

Chuan-Guo Xiao, a urologist from China, has performed the surgery on about 1,500 children and adults in China who are paralyzed by spinal cord injuries or suffer from spina bifida.

Xiao claims an 87 percent success rate.

The Xiao procedure was made a pilot study two years ago at the William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich. Surgeons performed the Xiao on nine kids with spina bifida and three with spinal cord injuries. Funds were raised to cover the cost of each surgery — between $40,000 and $50,000. The team was led by the hospital's urology chairman, Kenneth Peters, who had traveled to China.

Peters, Xiao and the All Children's surgeons will speak at the First World Conference on Spina Bifida Research this week in Orlando.

By telephone last week, Peters called the results of the pilot at Beaumont "mixed."

Twelve children got the surgery — three with spinal cord injuries, nine with spina bifida. The three with spinal cord injuries were not helped by the procedure. Seven of the nine with spina bifida saw "marked improvement." One of them was a "home run," a girl who achieved complete continence.

Peters said the major complication was leg weakness that developed among eight of the nine with spina bifida. All had been able to walk before the surgery. They often required intense physical therapy, Peters said, "just to get them back to baseline." One child developed drop foot, meaning he could not raise his foot when he walked.

"We knew there could be complications going in," he said, "but it was still frustrating."

When Peters addresses the conference this week, he will emphasize caution. Parents are desperate for help, he said. But because of the unknowns, "if a parent walked into my office and stuck $50,000 in my face, I'd have to say no."

The surgeries should continue, he said, only under the strictest research protocol until U.S. doctors see the kind of results that Xiao reports in China. Beaumont will perform four more Xiao procedures in May.

Peters: "Do the benefits outweigh the risks? I'm not ready to say that. It's very easy to be wowed by it. I was wowed in China when I saw Dr. Xiao's data. I'm still wowed, but my 'wow' is a little more tempered."



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