yuan is somewhat like charles kao


送交者: kma 于 2009-10-17, 21:05:15:

回答: IR8 是国际水稻所培育的常规矮杆稻, 那个傻叉以为那就是杂交水稻。 由 Latino2 于 2009-10-17, 19:15:44:

neither of them is an "orthodox" scientist who proposes theory and design tests to cehck them

yuan is more like an farming expert who prefers to stay at rice field trying and trying, kao is an enigneer who tried almost everything for communication carrier, more liek edison.

neither can be viewed like a "theoretical research" guy, that's probably why kao received prize so late and yuan isn't a CAS academian.

but as many sciences reach such a high std that makes theoretical breakthroughs more and more difficult, applied research is destined to get more and more attention and credits



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