this is Times' explanation


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回答: what the #?@!~, IIT is #4, ahead of CalTech ?! no need to read further 由 PhonyDoctorPhD 于 2005-1-05, 19:50:09:

it is confusing to me because if they corrected the bias in favor of science and tech, CalTech should have logically ranked higher in discipline-specific areas. But, as the following quotation said, Caltech "plummets to the 15th," while IIT rises to 4th in sci-tech.

maybe my inference was wrong.

The discipline balance achieved in this analysis removes some of the bias in favour of science and technology that is apparent in our citations-based data, as well as eroding the advantage the US enjoys in the citations count. The California Institute of Technology, fourth in our overall rankings, plummets to 15th on this count, while ETH Zurich, tenth in the world overall, falls to number 25. ETH is a specialist science and technology university and does not have a medical school. An exception to this rule is the Indian Institute of Technology, which is 18th in our peer review but 41st in the world overall.



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