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Visiting Volunteers Are Shocked by the Results of “Xiao Procedure”
Li-Hui Di, Science News (Chinese) Vol. 22, Nov. 23, 2009 (website link)

One of the volunteers, Lin Liu, who involves in investigating post-surgery results of the “Xiao Procedure”, which was claimed by Dr. Xiao to have an overall success rate of 85% for the urology diseases, is shocked by the post-surgery results in the patients who she visited. During the cold and snowing week from Nov. 10 to Nov. 18, Lin Liu continuously visited 4 patients living in widely distributed regions from Deyang and Guangyuan cities in Sichuan province to Linfei and Gaoping counties in Shanxi province.
“No patient was cured by the Xiao Procedure at all as claimed” she said, “but the surgery did lead to disability of all the 4 patients I visited.”
Lin Liu told the Science Journalist that she felt that all the patients were living in numb and pain. They were told that their diseases could not be cured in the big hospitals in Beijing after being evaluated thoroughly. But right while they were in pain of hopelessness, they were attracted by the advertisements (of the Xiao Procedure) on the official and the Chinese authority media --- CCTV (Chinese Central TV station) and the testimony by the professional doctors and experts in Zhengzhou University. Then they had the surgery of the Xiao Procedure.
Out of the 4 patients whom Lin Liu visited, nobody is cured so far by the so-called Xiao Procedure but some of them even are disabled after the surgeries. Two of the 4 patients are still teenagers, the other two are 19-years old now, but they were also teenagers when they were attracted to have such surgeries.
The patient in Meishan county, Sichuan province could walk by himself though his legs had a little of deformity before the surgery, and he even independently walked on the stairs of the hospital to have the surgery in Sep. 2007. Unfortunately, after having the Xiao Procedure in which parts of his leg nerves were cut off, his legs started to fester, and his two legs were amputated two years later because of the festering at a local hospital of Meishan county.
Their parents were convinced by the effectiveness of the Xiao Procedure before taking the surgery totally because the hospital promised them an overall 85% success rate and most of the patients could get cured. They trusted the doctors just because the doctors were kind and looked very sincere. Then, the parents signed Notice of Surgery Risks. However, the fact is that they were not informed of the real risks from the Xiao Procedure. They never imaged what they were having from the surgery.
The second teenage patient in Shanxi province could walk as well before the surgery, but he is disabled now. Just a few months after the surgery, his foot and leg muscles started to shrink and are obviously deformed now. Before the surgery, what he needed was diapers of 1000 Chinese Yuan a year for his urology disease. But now, not only his legs are disabled, but also his urology disease is more serious. In 2008, he had a thorough medical examination in the Jishuitan hospital in Beijing, and was told that it was little chance to restore to the same status as before the Xiao Procedure.
The third teenager patient in Deyang city, Sichuan province was thought being lucky by his mother at the beginning after the Xiao Procedure because he did well before surgery, and she was told that he was still young and have good chance to be cured by the Xiao Procedure. After all, it seemed to be improved a little right after the surgery and at least did not get worse as that for the other patients. But half a year later, his legs started to shrink too and get slimmer and slimmer.

“The whole journey was very depressed”, Lin Liu said, “It was cruel to ask the patients any questions.”
Lin Liu told the journalist that the teenager patients suffering from the Xiao Procedure are not as naughty, active and curious as normal kids do, they prefer to keep silent. And their parents can’t help weeping as telling others their miserable stories after the surgery. They were waiting with hopes for before the surgery, but now they are depressed and would prefer not to have it if they could start over again.
All the teenager patients left from schooling and they do not want to go to school anymore because of the pains in their spirit and body from the Xiao Procedure. One of them, who was in junior high school before Xiao Procedure, can neither walk nor play like other kids any more. For him, everything is changed not positively but negatively after the surgery.

Lin Liu also said she would continue to visit more patients having the Xiao Procedure. She is collecting more statistic data on Xiao Procedure to refute the argument that the advocators of the Xiao Procedure are insisting, that these are only individual cases of unsuccessful surgery. In fact, they are not just specific cases. Even the patient, Little Shanshan, who was advertised as a perfect example of the surgery by the doctors who promoting the Xiao Procedure, does not get cured neither at all. “We have been trying our best to find a successful case, however, no positive case is found yet so far”, she said.
These patients are preparing for suing the hospital who misleads them for the Xiao Procedure with misleading and false statements on the surgical risks and effectiveness. The patients state clearly that what they’re doing is not for money but for justice and preventing other patients from suffering from the Xiao Procedure. About the family economic situation of the patients, Lin Liu told the journalist that the patient in Meishan county, Sichuan province paid his surgery expenses by his family, but now his parents are very angry with the hospital because they were cheated for and suffered from the Xiao Procedure. For the patient in Deyang city, Sichuan province, his surgery expenses were paid with the help of his relatives hoping for curing his disease.



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