MeshFire 10g: security grid server


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Security Grid Server with Built-in Policy Database & Log Database
MeshFire is the world's first security grid server with built-in policy database and self-learning log database, to enable application-level intelligent security, auditing, access control, and monitoring of your entire diversified heterogeneous applications and services. Meshfire provides XML open formats for data storage and messaging, and thus allows easy integration with any existing security components, such as identidy authentication, access control authorization, LDAP, Radius, AD (Active Directory), UDDI, IPS, VPN, firewalls, application gateways, Web servers, application servers, SOAP/XML Web services, SQL databases, file systems, e-mail servers, VoIP servers, etc.

One Server for Diversified Applications in Heterogeneous Environment
Most other application security vendors provide single-node-based products, whereas MeshFire grid server offers a large-scale distributed server that securely connects, monitors, audits and controls thousands of Web servers in open XML standards. The appliance uses high-performance purpose-built dedicated hardware to implement massive multithreading servers for Web application security enforcement, audit, and policy control. The grid capability makes MeshFire stand out from competitors in securing the entire e-business Web environments, since there exists a big jump from a software tool to MeshFire's grid-based large-scale distributed MeshOS and grid server. The sophisticated skills and large development efforts in massive multithreading technology have built a high barrier to entry.

Value Proposition, Benefits, Advantages
MeshFire grid server can see what each point-based product cannot see. MeshFire XML-based open standards enable easy plug-and-play of heterogeneous applications and devices, and thus relieve IT administrators from headaches in securing hundreds or thousands of different Web servers, application servers, applications and services. With such a pain-killer appliance, IT administrators can focus on core e-business values, instead of drowning in large number of configuration files, policy rules, frequent changes/updates, vulnerability scan results, hacker intrusion and attacks, worm outbreaks, false alarms, ocean of event logs, etc.



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