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Full-time, part-time, or remotely from home
We develop the world's first security grid with MeshOS operating system for large-scale distributed heterogeneous environment. The server provides security policy and event log services for AAA/IAM, auditing, monitoring, command, control, and management in enterprise e-business IT environments. We seek experienced talents with all skills in ASIC, NPU (network processors), CPU-NPU-ASIC inter-communications, RTOS, firmware, massive multithreading processors/boards, worms, viruses, hacker attacks, intrusion detection prevention systems (IDS IPS IDP), threat mitigation, Web-based management console/reporting/charting/GUI, security information management (SIM) database for aggregation/correlation, data analysis/mining, PKI, Kerberos, SSL, HTTP(s), TCP/IP, etc.
1. Software: VP. of Eng, Director, Mgr, Archect, or Sr.SWE in Virus/Worm or Intrusion
We are seeking a senior-level C++/C or Java person to lead the security platform development and release lifecycle. Title will be VP or Director or Manager or SWE depending on experience. Must have 2+ years hands-on experience in virus/worm or intrusion. Other skills (not required) may include auditing, logging, monitoring, command, control, central management, hacker attack intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-worm, threat mitigation, HTTP(s)/SSL encryption/decryption, proxy server, multithreaded programming, session management, HTML/JavaScript, cookies, URL rewrite, XML, SQL, FTP, SMTP/POP3/IMAP, WebMail, SSH, etc. Master or PhD degree in CS or EE preferred. Experience in C++/C or Java. Desirable with spirits to grow a startup. Will receive stocks for very significant percentage of stock shares of the company.
2. Hardware Gateway Architect: ASIC (2-5 Gbps)
Expert in gateway hardware components, boards, and systems, such as ASIC, NPU, CPU, NIC, and PCI. To lead our ASIC/NPU-based hardware appliance division in design, development and firmware coding, system testing, integration, RTOS, etc. Familiar with Verilog or VHDL, SystemC, and some EDA simulation tools and Teradyne or Advantest automated test equipment (ATE). Perfect if having some prior experience in firewall, IDS/IPS/IDP, VPN, AntiVirus, Anti-Worm, HTTP(S), TCP/IP, massive multithreading processors, etc.
3. Hardware Clustering Architect: Switching Fabric (10-40 Gbps)
Expert in hardware components, boards, and systems, especially in high-speed switching fabric, network I/O interface, 10Gbps desirable, as used in enterprise server clustering environment. Familiar with Ethernet, InfiniBand, TCP/IP, SNMP, etc. Familiar with Verilog or VHDL, SystemC, and some EDA simulation tools and Teradyne or Advantest automated test equipment (ATE). Perfect if having some prior experience in firewall, IDS/IPS/IDP, VPN, router, switch, AntiVirus, Anti-Worm, massive multithreading processors, etc.
4. Software Enginner, Lead, or Manager in Virus/Worm or Intrusion
All developers must have strong industry design and hands-on programming experience in C/C++ or Java or C#. Will receive large number of stock shares in startup environment.
(1) Security Software - Anti-Virus/Worm, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Experience in some of the foloowing: Authentication, Authorization, Access Control, Auditing, Monitoring, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Worm, etc. Must have 2+ years of implementation experience in commercial products. Familiar with servers and applications. C++/C or Java or C#. MS or BS degrees preferred.

(2) C/Assembly/Firmware Programmer - Join the ASIC hardware and firmware group to develop low-level hardware control software, in C and Assembly. Familiar with RTOS environment and TCP/IP stacks and related protocols. Experience in worm/virus/intrusion security is desirable but not required but not required.

(3) Log Data Analysis Engine - Event log aggregation and correlation analysis. Strong in C++/C or Java on Unix or Linux. Prefer database experience in Oracle or mySQL. MS or BS degrees preferred.

(4) Java Reporting/Charting/Management GUI - Web-based platform with Java servlet/JSP, J2EE, charting library, for server management, event log data monitoring, status reporting, alerting, server control and management.

(5) Security Penetration (Hacking/Intrusion/worm) Engineer - With skills to test security by penetrating then suggesting possible prevention methods. Familiar with SQL injection, buffer overflow, directory traverval, and other hacking skills. Desirable with knowledge on firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-worm, gateway, proxy, etc.

5. Business Development, Sales, Marketing for Security Products
We seek business development, sales, and marketing people for enterprise security products. Prefer people with connections and channels in IT security field. Knowledgeable in security, hacker, intrusion, worm, etc. Our potential customers are financial services, banks, insurance, healthcare, governments, e-commerce, etc. Title will be VP, Director, or Manager etc. to match experience. Large number of stock shares in a flexible startup enviroment.
6. Market Communication Writer; Technical Document Writer
Marketing writer will write articles (1 page ~ 5 pages) on topics of enterprise security needs, firewalls, hackers, virus/worm, information disclosure, etc. Technical writer will write user manual and online help documents for our firewall.
Please e-mail your background (education and work experience), interests, strengths, to: jobs @ MeshFire .com



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