MeshFire: Real-Time Antivirus Content Appliance


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MeshFire: Real-Time Antivirus Content Appliance
MeshFire is a real-time antivirus content appliance to process contents. It serves millions of end users and billions of online messages, files, and documents. The contents are classified into good ones and bad ones. Good ones are organized in the best way and delivered to the end users, and bad ones such as viruses, worms, spam, trojan horses, spyware, phishing, intrusion, are filtered out before reaching end users.

Value Proposition: Organize Good but Remove Bad
MeshFire classification engine learns from all sources of contents to figure out how to tell bad and good contents. These learned knowledge can be used by anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, firewall, intrusion detection prevention, content filtering, document repository, etc. Meshfire grid hides the complexity in large-scale distributed multi-system heterogeneous hierarchical environment. MeshFire XML open standards enable easy plug-and-play of heterogeneous devices, and thus removes the headache in securing millions of heteregeneous devices. With this complexity pain-killer, users can focus on their core business values, instead of drowning in large number of configuration files, policy rules, frequent changes/updates, vulnerability scan results, hacker intrusion and attacks, virus/worm outbreaks, false alarms, an ocean of monitoring event logs, etc.

Differentiation: Real-Time ASIC Chip, Antivirus
Most other security vendors provide single-point products that handle small-scale environment, but MeshFire protects very large scale, usually millions of devices and billions of data items, and the system can self-learn from large-scale long-term historical data to evolve by itself and thus becomes more and more intelligent. MeshFire uses real-time software and ASIC-based appliances to implement high-performance massive multithreading backend servers. The real-time machine-learning platform makes MeshFire stand out from competitors in securing the entire dynamic environments. The sophisticated skills and large development efforts in massive multithreading technology have built a high barrier to entry - "MeshFire was not built in a day".



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