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Roboo 儒豹 is a wireless mobile cell-phone search engine company in rapid growing stage and offers exciting opportunities for ambitious people who dream of a big leap in career and wealth. We develop a search engine that processes billions of documents for millions of users in China. We search popular contents such as Web pages, songs, music, photos, images, games, etc. We have 50 open positions in all levels including a VP of Engineering, 4 Managers (2 Dev, 1 QA/Test, 1 Operations), 15 Engineers (front-end, server-side, database), 3 Marketing/BizDev, 1 IT Admin, 1 HR, etc. Competitive salary, all benefits, very large number of stock options, work in a beautiful city near Shanghai. 软件开发在美丽如画的苏杭,办公室掩映在清澈绿荫的湖中。
1. Web平台开发: 开发VP,总经理,主任,经理,架构师,工程师
We are seeking 15 people. Will receive huge number of stock options. Title will be VP, or Chief Architect, or Director/Manager, or Engineer, depending on experience and interests. Must have work experience in C++/C or Java or C# or PHP development, familiar with HTTP, Web server, HTML.
2. 手机铃声(音乐),图片,游戏等频道搜索经理和工程师
3. C++/C or Java or PHP开发经理和工程师: HTTP, HTML document handling: Managers, Engineers
We look for developers as managers or engineers for our Web servers. Must be experienced in HTTP, HTML, servers like Apache or IIS or Tomcat etc.
4. 中文分词(segmentation)经理和工程师
5. PHP开发经理和工程师: PHP, mySQL, WAP (WML/xHTML)
We look for developers as managers or engineers for our WAP software to develop interfaces and applications to our servers and databases. Must be familiar with WAP, HTTP, WML, xHTML, PHP. Database is not required but still desirable if having experience in databases like mySQL.
6. 运维经理和工程师:Linux服务器和机群日常运维
Must be familiar with Web servers, installation, maintenance, performance, upgrade, etc. Experience in operating a large Web site with multiple Web servers. Experience in Web server software management, or Web server hardware systems (Linux servers) management. Have concept or experience in load balancing, systems monitoring, etc.
7. 市场推广,业务拓展,合作关系,广告销售
We seek business development, marketing and advertisement sales people for our content value-add services platform. Must be familiar with value-add service provider (SP) industry. Title will be Director or Manager to match experience. Large number of stock shares in a flexible startup environment. To work in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and more other areas in China to build partnership and business relationships with carriers and other SP/CP companies.
8. 人事行政内务



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