today's death penalty for 2 young people in china is 1 example


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i personally believe DP is cruel and unusual punishment , should be abolished. and i firmly believe every corner of this world will do that.

norway's treatment of its (in)famous psycho 70+ people killer is the example to follow for every nation:

21 years the max punishment even for such heinous crime, and the psycho even appealed for cruelty punishment like solo confinement! but norway people are calm and advanced enough to tolerate! no wonder north europe is always the leader!

but, of course there is always but, context, the word made famous by harvard ex president gay, is again crucial:

every nation needs to improve its dp RECORD ON ITS OWN SITUATION:

for america, that alabama N2 tragedy is not consistent with US standings in the world, america needs to use DP very very rarely, very very difficult to execute.

but for nations like afghan: that's a long long way to go, first they need to make DP less violent, no more stone killing or extra judicial killings such as on adultery or simply brave women victims.

for china, every1 interested in the case i mentioned would agree, they 2 criminals deserved the harshest punishment in each nation, in norway it would be 21 yrs, in china it's dp. if not, it seems so unfair to other DP prisoners.

i hope one day i can still live to see china abolish dp, but at this moment i still call today the right way justice was served.



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