it's not up to anyone to judge what is 主要 stakeholder.


送交者: skipper3 于 2005-9-22, 10:32:34:

回答: 对筹划中的怒江听证会的一点看法 由 Latino2 于 2005-9-22, 09:06:12:

the reality is who ever has a louder voice on the media is a 主要 stakeholder.

But you suggestion will be a real good start. The complexity of the issue is tehre are too many stakeholders. Generally one you start from three areas: government, business, and society. Government stakeholders include central, ministrry, provincial and local government. Business stakeholders include hydro utility company, construction contractors, equipment makers, and all their customers, and local businesses that would be forced to relocate or would have seen their business being affected by the dam. Society stakeholders include local community, environmental groups including these NGOs, and pro and anti dam individuals for what ever reason.

One thing I want to point out: this is a political process not an academic one. An individual who speaks as a scientist should NOT in any way belong to or represent any of these stakeholders. What he does is to provide facts and truth that's only and that's all. He should try as much as possible to refrain from giving personal opinion and from accusing others 散布反坝谣言.

The second step is to understand taht, among all stakeholders, who is going to be winners and who is going to be losers. To be constructive, a suggestion should be made on how to compensate those who would be losers.



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