yuan's prestige/fame is world wide recognized


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it's true he's not the typical scientist you know, and for this reason he probably will never be a member of CAS

but you know what? it's not important, not every scientific achievement and contribution to civilization is just by that way


"In addition to the 2004 World Food Prize, Prof. Yuan’s honors and awards include China’s State Supreme Science and Technology Award, the 2001 Magsaysay Award, the UN FAO Medal of Honor for Food Security, the 2004 Wolf Prize in Agriculture, and in 2007 he was named a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States; this is the highest honor in American science and engineering and Dr. Yuan is the first non-American NAS member from the Chinese agricultural science circle.
Professor Yuan’s distinguished life’s work has caused many to call him the “Father of Hybrid Rice,” while his continuing research offers even more promise for world food security and adequate nutrition for the world’s poor. "

his 2004 two prizes sadi everything

shared with tanksley wolf prize in agriculture (that year's biology prize went to RY Tsien and RA Weinberg)

world food prize was given by the then us secretary of state powell and secretary of agriculture



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