It's nothing but a business merge, and another way of outsourcing


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回答: 这个坛子太冷清了:联想购买IBM PC的豪赌连个评论也不见 由 liwei999999 于 2004-12-21, 09:29:22:

or more accurately, IBM finally gets rid of PC stuff. IBM's major business is not PC, but high tech oriented server and network part.

For IBM, only IBM notebook may have some market values.

It is conceivable that IBM will shut down PC department in American under the name of merging and selling, thus reducing cost. Furthermore, IBM won't care about PC selling any more. If no one buys Chinese made IBM PC, that's just fine. Five years later, IBM can still restart its PC if IBM wants. On the other hand, IBM can reap the profit from PC sold in China because IBM owns Legend's stocks. This is really a good deal for IBM.

For Legend, it gets nothing except selling legend or Chinese made IBM PC through IBM system. I didn't see any chance.

In terms of brand name value, it is nothing, taking for example such as DEC, and later Compaq.

Two losers getting together won't create a winner.



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