that's partly true but you missed my point


送交者: xj 于 2005-5-05, 17:34:54:

回答: Teaching English as a second language in most 由 老中一号 于 2005-5-05, 17:10:22:

I think the vocabulory can be mastered really quickly. However, the subtle meanings of words and their associated grammars are difficult because the semantic processing in English is different from that in Chinese. Chinese adults literally reconstuct a whole new system to use English. For a normal person, there should be no biological hurdle such as brain dysfunctions in werniche's area.

Further, these fine parts are also difficult even for native speakers. They take a long time (several years) to fully understand them.As adults have their brain areas fixed to some extent, these fine parts take a longer time to master for Chinese.

However, it can be mastered after training and practicing if you can spend similar efforts to those when you start to learn Chinese, or even similar to those young kids.

My recent writing experience confirmed my hypothesis that practicing, even at a moderate scale, can improve one's language skills significantly.



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